Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, there is. Please choose the pattern when you visit the store on the day.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
A.In the case of cancellation, please click cancel button from the link [See detailed plans on website] on point 3 of reservation confirmation email up to two days before the scheduled visit date. However, please note that the following cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation up to 2 days before reservation date : Free cancellation fee Cancellation of the day before and on the day of reservation date : 100% fee will be charge.
A.No, you do not need to bring anything. The things that you need to wear with Kimono such as the undergarments, socks and sandals, etc. are included in our plans. It gets very cold during winter in Kyoto. If you are worried about weather, you can bring a thin T-shirt with a wide neckline. We will dress kimono outside of it.
A.If you cancel in a delay of 60 days after your payment, the refund will be proceed via credita card. If the cancelation is ordered 61 days after the payment, the refund will be proceed via bank transfer. Please keep in mind that the bank transfer fee will be charged to the customer. *Bank transfer fee and international change fee will be charged for international customers.In the case of a Japanese Bank, fee of $20 will be charged. We will contact you to explain the procedure for the payment of those fee. In the case of International Bank, the fee of $20 will be converted into the customer foreign currency.This procedure is non-applicable for payment via 「Amazon Pay」;refund will always be proceed via credit card.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
A.Yes, our store will be a one day rental store. You can walk out freely until the last returning time of the store.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
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Kimono Dressing FAQs
A.Kimono size is about 150 cm ~ 175 cm for women, about 165 cm ~ 200 cm for men and some can be expanded during the dressing. Although it can be worn around even to some extent, please note that it may be canceled if it too difficult to dress. Because we only some of extra sizes, please consult us at the time of reservation.
A.Yes, you can. Customers can choose obi and other small accessories for themselves. If you are not confident in combination, our staff will help you, please feel free to ask them.
A.The dressing time is about 1 hour. But, it may take about 90 minutes to get dressed in Kimono during the spring and autumn, the peak seasons. Please be aware!
A.Yes, we do. For more details, please check 【Dress in events】 as reference. Since you can do primary inspections anytime, please don’t hesitate to come to our stores.
A.Yes, we do. We have small kimonos with sizes from 90cm to 125cm and small yukatas with sizes from 90cm to 140cm for children.
A.Yes, we have the “Kimono dressing”. Also, we rent small accessories for Kimono decoration.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
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Hairdressing Service FAQs
A.The simple hair style with Kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) is free of charge. The more complex style such as braids comes with fee. For more details, please refer to Hair styles
A.Kanzashi can be borrowed for free. Our hairpins can be used on both short and long hair.
A.Even with short hair, if it has length to some extent, we still can decorate your hair with Kanzashi (ornament hairpin).
A.Currently, our store offers hair styling services (both paid and free) for customers using kimono rental.
Kimono Return FAQs
A. Yes, as a general rule, it will be returned on the same day. However, you can extend the rental period until 3pm the next day.
A. Please call us at 03-4582-4864 (Japanese or English). We also have an optional return service (1,100 yen) for returning your kimono by the next day.
A.Please return the Kimono 1 hour before the closing time of the store where you rent it from in either case: returning Kimonos on the day or on the following day. You can find returning time of each store in “Stores’ Information” on our website.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
A.No, we are not dealing with this service.
Others FAQs
A.Please use the Shop Access page of our website to find the directions to our shops.
A.Since each store's business hours are different, the latest hours will
vary depending on the store. Please check the specific store schedule.
A. If you would like to change your reservation time at short notice, please call us at 03-4582-4864. (Japanese & English) We also accept corrections in some cases. Or please contact us by email.
A.The whole process (Kimono selection, dressing, hairstyling, etc…) take about an hour. Please kindly note that it might take up to 90 minutes during Spring and Autumn. (Peak Seasons)
A.Yes, we can keep your luggage! We offer a large eco-bag free of charge to every rental customer. (for change of clothes and small belongings) Trunk service is available for large luggage. (¥550/suitcase)
A.There is no parking lot affiliated to the shops. Please use the nearest Coin Parking Lot available.
A.We do not offer any makeup service.
A.For safety purpose we do not provide rental service to pregnant women. (as the obi might pressure the belly, etc)
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