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Diverse quality-focused options at incredibly affordable rates! Benefit from our premium cleaning methods and the expertise of our seasoned dressers!
Affordable Pricing
By working closely with our suppliers, we offer budget-friendly rates while upholding a diverse inventory built on a commitment to quality and authenticity
Diverse Kimono Selection
Drawing from our Kyoto heritage, we showcase an extensive array of Kimonos. Select your preferred style from our remarkable collection of around 9000 options!
Rich Options
We offer a wide variety of options, including premium hair sets, obi variations, and plans backed by our guarantee.

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Kimono Rental Process

Renting a kimono for the first time? Rest assured, we provide a step-by-step explanation of the entire process, from making a reservation to your visit, choosing your kimono, and returning it.
1. Reservation
We recommend reserving online with WEB advance payment for the best experience! If you're unsure, you can start with the most affordable plan and adjust it on the day of your visit.
2. Visiting the Store
You don't need to bring anything to pick up your kimono! You can also make a same-day reservation at any of our locations.
*Priority is given to those with reservations*
3. Dressing
Our dressing process takes approximately 30 minutes in our designated dressing area. With the help of our highly experienced dressers, we'll help you efficiently put on the entire kimono set to ensure your comfort for the day.
4. Choosing your Kanzashi
Your plan covers a complimentary hair set and kanzashi (traditional accessories) rental.
Unsure of your favorite hairstyle or Kanzashi? Rest assured our dressers will help you make the best choice every step of the way.
5. Starting your Kimono Adventure
After checking in and storing your belongings, you're all set to explore. From this point until your return time, feel free to enjoy your time as you like—whether it's walking, eating, or anything else.
6. Return
Kindly return your kimono by the store's designated final return time. If needed, there's an option for next-day return as well.


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