How to Take Photos That Make Your Yukata Look Even Better

Summer is the season for yukata. When capturing memorable moments in your yukata, there are some techniques to maximize its beauty in photos. With a little knowledge about the type of yukata and the angle of the shot, your photos can become much more vibrant. In this article, we'll introduce "ways to take photos that make your yukata look even better" that anyone can easily practice, along with some knowledge about kimono. Let's capture wonderful memories in photos!

[Photogenic Yukata]

[Characteristics of Backgrounds That Enhance Yukata]

Colorful Backgrounds

Summer events like festivals and fireworks displays are so colorful! Vibrant photos can really lift your mood! During the Tanabata season, why not try taking photos with colorful Tanabata strips?

Retro Spots

Shopping streets, old townscapes, temples, shrines, and Japanese gardens match well with yukata! It's also recommended to take photos with old-fashioned townscapes or scenery that further enhance the Japanese atmosphere of the yukata.

Nature and Plants

These result in natural and soft atmospheric photos. On a nice day, the blue sky can further bring out the refreshing feel of summer, so it's recommended.

Next, I'd like to introduce several points to keep in mind when taking photos in a yukata!

[How to Take Photos That Enhance Your Yukata]

①Slightly Angled Rather Than Straight On

Of course, a full-frontal view of the yukata looks great, but compared to straight on, an angled shot brings out the beauty of the yukata more. Being a bit more conscious of your posture than usual can make you look more feminine and beautiful.

②Eye Line

Intentionally look away from the camera. You've probably seen photos where the subject isn't looking at the camera, and it creates a very different atmosphere compared to looking directly at the camera. When wearing a yukata, looking down slightly can create a more mature and alluring image. This works particularly well when wearing a yukata with adult-like colors or darker shades, rather than cute patterns.

③Focus on the Feet

Try taking a photo that only shows the feet or from the waist down! It's more colorful and vibrant with multiple people rather than alone. Try this when you're out with friends in yukata!

④Back Style

The back view of a yukata is also beautiful. The cutely tied obi, beautifully styled hair, and nape of the neck. This is a shot I especially want girls who don't usually put their hair up to try.


These are recommended because you can adjust your favorite angle and distance. There's actually a little-known point when taking selfies in a yukata. Of course, you have your own idea of flattering angles, but when taking a selfie, I recommend taking it from the left side. This is because the yukata is left-fronted, and if you take a selfie from the right side, your arm movement might cause the chest area to open. It's fine when others are taking the photo, but be careful of this difference from regular clothes when taking selfies.

⑥Sitting Photos

On a veranda or bench. Unlike the dignified impression of standing, it creates a calm impression! And it's easier to fit your whole body in the frame. As mentioned in ②, looking away from the camera can enhance the atmosphere even more.

⑦Using Props

In addition to drawstring purses and basket bags, use festival foods like chocolate-covered bananas, shaved ice, or candy apples! Using colorful items can create a cute atmosphere in your photos! Umbrellas and fans can also give a summery feel while creating a mature feminine atmosphere!!

⑧Photo in Photo

This is a trendy way of taking photos that's popular on social media recently!! It's a photography technique where you capture a photo within a photo. The key is to blur the background like this!!


How was it? In this article, we introduced several ways to take photos that enhance your yukata. I hope it was helpful in some way.

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